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Property Condition Assessment

What is a Property Condition Assessment (PCA)?

Investors rely on Property Condition Assessments (PCA) to provide information and analysis of the physical condition of a property, and to minimize the risk associated with acquisition. At the same time, health and safety, accessibility and compliance standards must be met. A PCA offers a comprehensive report on the current condition of the building’s systems. It identifies property deficiencies and areas requiring repair, replacement and/or upgrading. Local building authority and regulatory agency requirements are highlighted along with a recommended schedule for necessary capital improvements and tenant compliance.

A PCA from EAI will evaluate the following:

  • Accessible Inspections 
  • Inaccessible Inspections 
  • Property Description 
  • Construction Materials 
  • Property Inspections and Evaluation 
  • Site Drainage 
  • Building Structural Frame and Envelope 
  • Pavement and Walkways 
  • Heating/Electrical/Plumbing 
  • Elevators and Escalators 
  • Fire/Life Safety Compliance 
  • ADA Review 
  • Building Code Violation Issues
  • Repair and cost estimates