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Don W. Spencer, B.S. Geology, 1970; M.Sc. Hydrogeology, 1979.

As Director of Environmental Services for ENVIRONMENTAL ASSOCIATES, INC., Mr. Spencer frequently assumes responsibility for various technical and management aspects of environmental studies and clean-up activities. These technical roles include:

  • Geology
  • Spill Response
  • Building Inspection
  • Asbestos Management Planning
  • Hydrogeology/Groundwater Modeling
  • Regulatory Liaison
  • Administrative Coordination
  • Lead Based Paint Risk Assessment

Mr. Spencer has served as project manager and chief hydrogeologist in charge of numerous groundwater contamination, landfill, and hydrogeologic studies both in Washington and throughout the western United States. Sites have included petroleum refineries, landfills, gasoline stations, wood processing facilities, heavy metals disposal sites and class 1 oil field waste disposal sites. Recent involvements in the Seattle area have included hazardous waste investigations at Port Quendall on the shores of Lake Washington near Renton, soil sampling and chemical analysis at Midway landfill for the City of Seattle Engineering Department/Solid Waste Utility, and remedial action and groundwater studies and planning for legal staff defending Wyckoff Company at the state and federal levels for alleged contamination at both the West Seattle and Eagle Harbor-Bainbridge Island facilities.

Mr. Spencer's professional hydrogeologic work has included overall technical control and responsibility for siting, engineering and completion of several large municipal water supply wells including those for the cities of Port Orchard and Langley Washington. For King County Planning Division, Mr. Spencer participated as a member of a select team of specialists responsible for development of baseline data in the evaluation of 31 watersheds in the county. Focus included environmental impacts upon fish habitat, land use, erosion control and other issues. In addition, Mr. Spencer has been retained by water districts in King and Snohomish counties to evaluate potential threats to health of water supply systems including bacteriological and chemical agents.

As manager of the ENVIRONMENTAL ASSOCIATES, INC., Underground Storage Tank (UST) Management Group, Mr. Spencer has day-to-day interaction with various regulatory agencies in the Puget Sound area. As the former Quality Assurance Coordinator for the region under Superfund REM II U.S. EPA Contract No. 68-01-6939, EPA Region 10, Mr. Spencer is very familiar with the codes and regulations affecting hazardous wastes and contamination, both in Washington and throughout the Pacific west. In addition, he has completed EPA certification for work on hazardous waste sites through Level B protection requirements under OSHA Section 1910.120. Mr. Spencer is a licensed professional geologist and hydrogeologist in the State of Washington (License #604) and the State of Mississippi (License #0327), and is a registered environmental assessor (I.D. # 876) with the State of California under a relatively new program endorsed by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, and he is licensed with the Washington Department of Ecology as a UST site assessor/supervisor.

As a frequent manager of projects requiring expertise in asbestos assessment, abatement, or management planning, Mr. Spencer has received EPA certification (I.D. # A.M. 48151) as an inspector and management planner through the University of Washington, College of Engineering. Mr. Spencer has supervised asbestos projects ranging in scope from simple inspections of apartment complexes to design and analysis of management plans for  asbestos abatement in multi-story office buildings and steel fabrication mills, and is an EPA/HUD Certified Lead Inspector with Illinois license Federal statute-reciprocal in all States.

Paul D. Fahrenthold, P.E., B.S. Chemical Engineering, 1960, M.Sc. Chemical Engineering, 1962, Ph.D. Chemistry, 1966.

As a senior consultant for the Environmental Services Division of ENVIRONMENTAL ASSOCIATES, INC., Dr. Fahrenthold provides clients with the benefits of environmental experience obtained in both private sector practice, and as a regulator. For five years, Dr. Fahrenthold served as chemical engineer and chief of the enforcement division of the Environmental Protection Agency in the Dallas, Texas area office. Following that post, he served an additional four years as chief of the organic chemicals branch of EPA in Washington, D.C. Prior to his appointment with the EPA, Dr. Fahrenthold progressed from technical advisor to vice president of Calument Petrochemicals Corporation of Houston, Texas.

As a member of the ENVIRONMENTAL ASSOCIATES, INC., environmental team, Dr. Fahrenthold is available to projects to provide senior level review of methods and procedures to assure compliance with developing regulatory standards, to lend guidance regarding health and safety practices of our staff and those we serve, and to provide expert testimony in cases where his level of experience and expertise can effectively be applied to favorable resolution of environmental issues on behalf of our clients.   

Jeffrey Gilman, B.S. Geology, Dartmouth, 1972, M.Sc. Hydrogeology, 1975, Stanford University.

As Project Hydrogeologist for ENVIRONMENTAL ASSOCIATES, INC., Mr. Gilman has played an active role in site investigations addressing both environmental and hydrogeologic issues. Mr. Gilman has conducted or supervised a wide variety of studies ranging in complexity from SARA/CERCLA property transfer environmental audits to subsurface investigations and planning for remediation of leaking underground storage tanks. Given his familiarity with application of modern management skills, his day-to-day routine includes both technical and administrative managerial activities.

On asbestos-related environmental projects, Mr. Gilman has demonstrated the value of "hands on" experience on projects in various communities across Washington state. He is very familiar with EPA investigation and sampling protocols pertaining to asbestos, and has completed EPA certification as an asbestos inspector and management planner under 40 CFR, Part 763. In addition to asbestos certification, Mr. Gilman holds current health and safety certification for work on potentially contaminated hazardous waste sites in compliance with OSHA Section 1910.120.